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To promote healthy living. Taken From the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-2-7
Healthy living and a good diet is central to overall good health, but do you know the best foods to include in your meals. and those best avoided? We look at the facts, to help you make realistic, informed choices.


Food Groups Quiz Template
Various Fruits (banana, strawberries, kiwi, apples, pear, peach, orange, mango etc)
Smoothie maker
Milk/Ice Cream
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Activity 1 Food Groups Quiz
Aim: To teach the young people about healthy eating through a quiz.

Print off the attached Food Groups Quiz.

You could ask the questions orally to the group or print off the sheets and ask the children to complete. Some children may require support with reading. As you go through the answers ensure that the children understand and can ask other questions.

1. The correct answer is - B Pork. Pork belongs to the meat, poultry and fish food group. Pork is a type of meat and contains proteins which help our bodies to build and repair body tissues and muscles.
2. The correct answer is - A Meat. Poultry and Fish. Like pork, chicken is a type of meat and also contains vital proteins. See if you can find out what other nutrients are in meat!
3. The correct answer is - E Kiwi. Kiwi is a fruit and belongs in the Fruit and Vegetable group. A Kiwi is green and comes from New Zealand. Can you think of any other fruits that are green?
4. The correct answer is - C Fruit and vegetables. A melon is a fruit and there are lots of different types of melon. Melons are full of vitamin C. They are usually shaped like a long oval but in Japan you can get square melons!
5. The correct answer is - A Fruit. That’s right a tomato is a fruit. have you tried a cherry tomato?
6. The correct answer is - D Bread, cereal, rice and pasta. Noodles are made from dough and are eaten all over the world with different kinds of food.
7. The correct answer is - C Fruit and Vegetables. Potatoes, carrots and pumpkins all belong to the fruit and vegetable food group.
8. The correct answer is - A Milk. Milk is full of calcium as well as other nutrients such as Vitamin D and Vitamin A. So not only does milk taste delicious it is good for us too. Great!
9. The correct answer is - A Calcium. Calcium helps are bodies to build strong teeth and bones, it also helps them to stay that way too.
10. The correct answer is - D Five. It is recommended that we should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. We should eat lots of fruit and vegetables because they are packed with vitamins and nutrients which help keep us strong and healthy

Once you have been through the answers and scores added tell them about the scoring bandings below:

• Less than six - Nice try, you’re well on the way to understanding food groups, keep practicing and you will soon be a food genius.
• Six to eight -Wow, you are a food group wizard! Why don’t you share you cool food group knowledge with your friends and see if they know the answers.
• Eight to ten - Amazing, you’re a food group genius! You should write you own food group quiz and get all the family to have a go.

Activity 2 fruit swap/Smoothies

Aim: To get the young people to try new and different fruit

• Buy various fruit (include some exotic fruit that young people might not have tried before).
• The week before tell the young people to bring some of their favourite fruit with them next week.

• Start off by having a ‘fruit swap’. This is when the young people swap a piece of fruit that they have brought in with another child or with you.
• If there are a lot of the same fruits being swapped, you could introduce some of the exotic fruits and try to get the children to try something new.
• Get them to describe the taste, texture and tell them that all fruit is good for them and how easy it is to get your five a day.
• Once the fruit swap has finished use all the left over fruit and the fruit you bought to make smoothies.

Activity 3 (Game)

Junk Food Jim
- The Juniors line up at one end of the hall. The leader stands at the other end of the hall with his/her back to the Juniors
- The Juniors call out in unison "what can we eat, junk food Jim (or Jane)?"
- Jim replies by calling out the name of a food. If it is a healthy food, Juniors take a step forward. For unhealthy food they must stay still. Any Junior who stepped forward for unhealthy food must go back to the start.
- If Jim calls out "Junk food", Juniors must run back to the start. Jim will try and catch them. Any caught will join the leader and help him with catching on future rounds.

For full details see Juniors Pro Pack B2-7


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