C2 Looking After Your Teeth

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To ensure that Juniors understand the importance of looking after their teeth. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Community C-2




1. Start by asking the young people some questions like: whether they enjoy visiting the dentist, who
has ever had a filling, whose grandparents have got false teeth? etc. You could also get
them to count how many teeth they’ve got and ask them whether they’d noticed that
some teeth are different shapes from others.
2. Use this to talk about why we need our teeth (front teeth are used for cutting, back teeth
for crushing and grinding food). Why it’s important to look after them and what happens
if we don’t.
3. Some foods and drinks are bad for our teeth. Bring in a selection of foods and drinks and
ask the boys if they can separate those that are bad for teeth and those that are good
for teeth.
4. Young people could draw a poster showing ways of keeping teeth healthy.
5. Some quizzes or word games can help reinforce the important points. You can devise your
own or use the template.
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C2


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