C3 International Is It Fair

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To help young people understand what is fair and not fair in the world. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-3


Pens and Paper


Simulate your Apartheid system so that the boys can understand it. During the evening stick
stickers on some people and display a set of rules. (See below.) Those with stickers must
follow the rules, everyone else can act normally, and this can be carried out during your
normal activities on a parade night.
This activity highlights that under old apartheid laws most South African children and young
people suffered indignity of poverty and racism as they were not being treated equally.
Use the following to discuss the results of this activity afterwards.
1. People wearing stickers can only eat and drink water.
2. People with stickers can only go to the toilet if there are no non-stickered people already
3. People with stickers can only speak when spoken to.
4. People with stickers cannot sit on chairs but can sit on floors.
(You can add on some more to make it more restricting for the boys.)
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C3


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  • fairness
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  • UN Convention on the rights of the Child

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