C5 Astronomy

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To give the young people a simple understanding of the stars and the constellations. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-5


Template of star constellations
OHP Foils
OHP and screen


Copy the templates onto OHP. Use these to project the constellations onto a screen. Another
option is to make pin holes in an A4 sheet to the pattern on the constellations, and to use
these to project the star pattern onto the screen.
If you live in a part of the country where stars are visible on clear nights, you could take the
boys outside to see if they can spot any of the most common star patterns. Split the boys off
into pairs and ask them to look up to the stars and try to work out which stars belong to which
constellation on the sheet. When they have done this they should mark on the sheet to show
that they have seen it.
The following website contains some great ideas www.kidsastronomy.com with downloadable
resources showing the sky at night, sky maps and information about the planets
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C-5


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