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To get the young people to help out more at home. The skills that they learn at a young age could help them as they grow older. It may also help mum, or dad or carer! Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Community C-11


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This activity is a continuation from Anchor Boys where boys’ parents were asked to fill out a table that showed how long boys had helped and what they had done to help.

The activity can now encompass more variety as the older the boys the more able they are to handle harder chores. These can include things such as, washing up, drying up, setting the table before a meal, cleaning shoes, dusting, tidying and using a washing machine. Obviously the parents will ultimately decide the help that the boys give so these can only be guidelines. As the boys progress through the years of the Junior Section, they must complete more hours of help to complete the task.

For full details see Junior Pro Pack C-11


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