C13 Community Visitors

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To help the young people learn about the local community workers Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack C-13 and the BB Anchors Pro pack community C-13
There are often members of the community who are able and willing to come and talk to the young people. Ensure they have a brief of what you want them to talk about.
Workers could include: Police, Fire, Ambulance, Paramedic, Health Visitor, Social Worker, Guide Dog teacher, Minister, Counsellor


A Community Visitor


• Police officer
• Fire fighter
• Lollipop man/women
• Guide dogs for the blind
• Paramedic/Doctor

A visitor might be part of a more specific topic. Such as hygiene, dental care, etc.
There may be appropriate people from within your congregation.

For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C-13 or BB Anchors Pro Pack C-13


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  • community police visit
  • community visit
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  • Fire Station visit
  • Guide Dogs
  • minister
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  • Police Community Support Officer
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