GGNZ Guides: Celebrate diversity

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7. Decide what you could do to celebrate the diversity in your unit, and carry out your plan


ropes or newspapers; parachute (ask in your district) or other games equipment.


Purpose: To encourage guides to be more inclusive by a better understanding of differences and that we all have diverse backgrounds and culture.

Background: In an increasingly multi-cultural country, awareness of, and celebration of diversity is essential for living in local communities and schools.

How to: Try some of these activities to discover diversity and then as a unit decide what diversity there is and how to celebrate it.
• Location difference: lay out some ropes, newspaper etc to roughly represent the world. Get everyone to stand on NZ, and then step out to where their parents were born, then their grandparents.
• Parachute game: play parachute games in which you call various aspects of diversity as a group to change places by running under the parachute (eg, dark hair, fair hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, tallest, shortest, brick house, wood house, a sister, no sister. Get the girls to decide on some also (A ball or other game could be adapted for a similar purpose).



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