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Aim: To make a map of the local area illustrated using photographs of local landmarks. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-21


• Camera
• Card, paper
• Glue
• Marker pens
• Possibly scissors


This is an outdoor activity.

This will need to be completed over two weeks. The time required for the first week will depend on how large an area you want to cover, but would typically be 15-30 minutes. The second week will require about 30 minutes.

In the first week boys devise a list of important landmarks and their location (e.g churches, police and fire stations, post offices, libraries, school etc). The group then takes photographs of the landmarks with a camera (or digital camera).

A map of the area covered will need to be drawn or purchased before the second week. The photographs will need to be produced before the second week.

In the second week the boys make a map of the area covered in the previous week using the outline provided as above and then glue the photographs onto the appropriate places on the map (if a digital camera has been used this will enable the pictures to be re-sized to a suitable size for the maps that the boys will draw or copy).

Other features can be added to the map such as pedestrian crossings, telephone boxes etc.

To finish the second week why not try a quiz to see if the boys have remembered where the important landmarks are. This topic could lead on to C-22 – ‘Simple Directions’.

Depending upon your boys, you could use “remote supervision” with leaders being around the area, or alternatively, one leader could go with each group.

See Juniors pro pack for full details C-21


  • community
  • local area
  • Map Making

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