C2-6 Food

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Aim: To promote an understanding of food and where it comes from and how it gets to our tables. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-2-6
It is important for children to make a connection to where food comes from beyond the supermarket With many more families living in cities, children have lost sight of where and how our food is grown.


• Food items
• Pictures of foods
Food Pyramid printout
Paper plates
• Paper
• Pens/Pencils
• Colouring Pens/Pencils
• Fruit/Bread/Water (something healthy)


This is a fun game looking at where things come from. Now we are going to look at some foods and see if we know where they come from. (Visual aids would be very useful — pictures or the actual food stuff would be great).
Activity 1 Where does my food come from ?
Activity 2 Food Pyramid
Activity 3 What's on your plate
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack C2-6


  • community
  • Food - Healthy/unhealthy
  • food facts
  • food from around the world
  • food pyramid
  • food tasting

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