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Explain the importance of exercise and what it does for our bodies (TV trap)


Copy of questions per Patrol


To understand and experience the benefits of physical activity

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed
Option 3 has 15 sub headings of which four must be completed

This activity will encourage the Guides to examine the amount and content of programmes they watch

Ask the Guides to discuss the following questions in Patrols and share some of the answers with the rest of the Unit.
1. How many hours of television do you normally watch per day?
2. Do you stop doing other activities to sit down and watch a programmed?
3. Do you do anything else while watching television?
4. Is the amount / content of what you watch monitored by your family?

Discussion Points:
• Will the girls watch less television as a result of this activity?
• Suggest they keep a log of how much (and what programmes) they watch for a few weeks, and then see if they would replace any of this time with healthier physical activities.


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