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Discuss the importance of a balanced diet.


Large sheets of paper
Copy of Nutrition fact sheet
‘Do and Don’t’ Factsheet


This activity will introduce the idea of a balanced diet

• In Patrols the girls list their favourite foods. Give out the fact sheets and ask them to fill in where their favourite foods fit in on the Do’s and Don’ts charts.
• In the large group discuss where their favourite foods fitted in. What changes might they make?
• Ask them to return to their chart. In the larger group have them share their lists.
• Get them to compile a list of foods they would like to try out. Using the nutrition chart and their list of food each patrol must compile a menu for a meal that would be acceptable to the full patrol and must follow the guidelines for a balanced diet.
• This could be done prior to a cottage weekend and the menus produced could be used for the weekend.
• The girls would make out the shopping lists, prepare and cook the food and evaluate the meal afterwards.
• They should provide written proof that it was a healthy well-balanced meal.


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