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Take part in an activity to help you remember your Brownie Guide Promise and Law (Duty to my country)


 Copy of story (overleaf)


DUTY TO OUR COUNTRY GAME (see story overleaf)
Indoor Version
1. Divide the Brownies into two teams.
2. The teams are lined up and seated facing each other.
3. Give each Brownie a character from the story, and they have to do the corresponding action every time their character is mentioned:
• President – stand up straight and wave
• Garda – turn around on spot saying ‘nee nah, nee nah’
• Ball – Do little jumps on the spot
• Cat – stretch and say meow
• Duck – flap arms and say quack quack
• Dog – paws up in front and say woof woof
• Ladybird – Make a rainbow with arms
• Brownie – Make a big smile (using your hands either side of face)
• Guide – stand up straight and make Guide sign
• Fireman – hose fire and say shhhhhhh
• Soldier – stand to attention and salute smartly
• Sailor – turn wheel of ship and sway while saying “hard to starboard”
• Airman – Arms out like wings and zoom

Outdoor Version:
• Sit the teams opposite each other on ground, with feet touching – like ladders.
• Make sure there is space between each pair for feet!
• Name the girls as characters starting at opposite sides of the line.
• If their character is mentioned, they run up the middle of the line towards their President, then around behind the whole team, back through the middle to their own space.


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