CR9 Pick Up Sticks

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Aim: To make your own ‘Pick Up Sticks’ ‘Pick Up Sticks’ is a very old game and children have been playing for generations. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack, Creativity CR-9


• 25 wooden skewers (for each person)

• Colouring pens/pencils or paint


1. Divide the skewers into four groups of six leaving one over.

2. Each group of six skewers will need to be coloured on the tips at both ends – use four different coloured pens/pencils or they could be painted.

3. The remaining skewer will need to be coloured either all over or in stripes or by any other design.

Once this has been done the boys can then play the game as follows:-

The player throws or lets go of the 24 sticks onto the designated playing area and then uses the ‘pick up stick’ to help pick up each individual stick without moving any of the others. If the player does move any of the others their turn is over and another player has a go. The winner is the boy who has managed to pick up the most number of sticks.

For full details see BB Juniors Pro Pack CR-9


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