CR13 Flying Bird

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Aim: To make a paper bird with moving wings. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Creativity CR-13


• Template
• Split pins
• Thin string
• Sellotape
• Scissors
• Glue
• Card


1. Photocopy the template onto card, thicker card works best.
2. Cut out the pieces of the template (including the long strips at the side of the page).
3. Cut out the notch indicated in the tail feather and make holes at the points indicated on the wings and torso.
4. Place the wings side by side, and tie them together using string through the two nearest holes.
5. Attach the wings to the back of the torso using split pins through the other two holes in the wings.
6. Feed the long strip of card in between the string and the torso until the half way point of the strip is reached.
7. Fold the strip back on itself and secure using paper glue and sellotape. Make sure that the string is unable to move up and down in the strip of card.
8. Feed the bottom end of the strip through the notch cut in the tail feathers to the front of the craft.
9. Moving the strip up and down operates the wings.
For full details see Juniors Pro Pack CR-13


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