IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Mind Option 02

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Identify your own good qualities (qualities for wool game)


Materials Needed
 Ball of wool, cut into short lengths
 5 per person
 Plastic Bag/box


Aim of Badge:
To practice having a positive mental attitude

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed

• Get all the Brownies and Leaders to sit in a circle.
• Place the lengths of wool into a bag, and pass the bag around the circle, instructing the group that they can each take up to five pieces of wool out of the bag (alternatively you may ask all of your Brownies to take the same number of pieces out of the bag, depending on your Pack’s ability and confidence level).
• Now, tell the group, that for each piece of wool they selected, they need to think of a good quality that they have to match it.
• After a few moments for everyone to think, pair the group off within the circle.
• Instruct the group, that within each pair, each girl helps the other to tie a piece of wool onto one of the other girl’s fingers, as soon as she has decided what quality the piece of wool represents.
• Partners can help each other to come up with good qualities.
• When you see that most pieces of wool have been tied onto fingers, get the group to pay attention to each other again.
• Working your way around the circle, get each girl to tell the group what qualities she chose.

Discussion Points:
Was it strange to think about your own good qualities? What stops us from doing this?
Is it a good thing to know and believe in your own qualities?
Encourage the girls to keep the pieces of wool tied onto their fingers until bedtime to remind them of their good qualities for the rest of the day


  • Healthy mind
  • IGG
  • mental health
  • self esteem
  • SW Reg Conf 16

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