IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Friendship Leaders Introduction

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INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Friendship Leaders Introduction




Bullying is an act of violence or aggression perpetrated by one person or a group
of people on another. It is the use of power by one or more people to hurt and
harm other people. The two most common forms of bullying are to ignore or
exclude others from the ‘normal’/the ‘in-crowd’ or to ridicule or ‘slag’ them.
Everyone, whether or not they are the target of bullies, needs to get across the
four part message:
 I respect myself
 I respect others
 I expect others to respect me and each other
 I will not tolerate disrespect
In Guiding, Leaders and girls treat each other with respect. We do not bully or
tolerate bullying. We believe that every member of our Unit has equal rights.
We all work for each other to ensure that we can learn, play, have fun and live
together without bullying.
Keeping Guiding a bully free zone begins with me


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