IGG PATHFINDER: Becoming a Guide 04

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Take part in an activity to show you understand the Promise and Law ( Dilemma's P&L)


Recent newspapers
A3 paper/cards
Dilemma Cards (see overleaf)


Newspaper Search
Give each Patrol Leader
• Recent newspaper, A3 materials, glue, scissors.
• Each Patrol, to make a poster with pictures/articles to fit specific parts of the Promise such as: (see overleaf)
• Someone doing their best
• Someone doing their duty to their God
• Someone doing their duty to their country
• Someone doing a good deed
• Someone doing some parts of the Guide Law (decide how many Laws)

After an agreed length of time, ask the Patrols to report back to the Unit about their findings

Stop and Think Dilemma Game
• The Unit to sit in a circle
• Give each Guide a dilemma card (see overleaf)
• Give the Guides a few minutes to decide what they would do in the situation and which Guide Law it challenges
Tip: If Guides are young they could work in pairs

Have the Guides share their dilemma and how they would deal with the situation


  • Guide Law
  • Guide Promise
  • IGG
  • Pre Enrolment

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