IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Campers Way Bronze Option 03

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Assist in pitching, striking, and packing a Patrol tent


One tent per group (number of groups dependant on ability and number of Guides/Leaders
Copy of How to Pitch and How to Strike a Tent


Aim of Badge
To introduce the skills of camping

This Badge has 9 options of which 9 must be completed

• Before you begin to pitch a tent discuss the following:
-Demonstrate how to use a mallet and bang in a tent peg
-Explain angle of pegs
-Discuss where to pitch a tent - make sure there is room all around a tent for guy ropes

• Show Guides how to pitch a tent as a team - talk them through the process and do it with one or two other Leaders.

• Put Guides in groups of six maximum with one adult or Senior Branch member to help each group (if numbers allow).

• Give each group a laminated copy of How to Pitch and Strike a Tent


  • Campers Way Bronze
  • camping
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • outdoors
  • pitch a tent
  • strike

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