IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Campers Way Bronze Option 04

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Learn what the Patrol duties are and actively participate in them.


Coloured card per Patrol
Patrol Duties for both first and last day of camp (See Overleaf for suggested duties)
CO, QM, MO, Cards
Laminator (optional)
Three Chairs


Aim: To introduce the skills of camping

This Badge has 9 options of which 9 must be completed

This activity will help the Guides understand how to have a happy and successful camp. That everybody is divided into Patrols which undertake different duties each day.

The Patrols and Duty Rosters will be drawn up by the Camp Organiser (CO) in conjunction with the other Camp Leaders before camp – depending on the number of Guides at the camp.

Game Help the Leader
• Print all the Patrol Duties (see suggestions overleaf) on separate cards use a different colour for each patrol.
• Place the three cards marked (Medical Officer (MO); Quarter Master (QM); and Camp Organiser (CO); on three different chairs at the top of the hall.
• Under each place First and Last day duties headings (see overleaf).
• In Patrols, Guides decide which chair to place each “duty card” on and if a first or last day duty.
• ?

Discuss: At the end of the game, the Company come together and discuss if the duty cards are placed under the correct heading.


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