CR34 Christmas Crackers

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Aim: To make Christmas crackers. A fun activity for any size group. Can be used as part of a Christmas Party event. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack CR-34


• Cardboard roll (from kitchen roll, foil, cling film etc)
• Crepe paper or gift wrap
• Narrow ribbon
• Stickers, pictures from old Christmas cards, tinsel, glitter, coloured foil etc • Small sweets or small toys
• Scissors • Glue


1. Cut the cardboard tube into lengths of approx 100mm.
2. Cut a square of crepe paper or gift wrapping paper approx 200mm square (200mm x 200mm).
3. Wrap around the crepe paper around the cardboard tube with an even amount hanging over either end.
4. Carefully tie a piece of narrow ribbon around one end to hold closed.
5. Place a few small sweets or a small toy in the other end.
6. Carefully tie another piece of ribbon around the other end.
7. Decorate with cracker with stickers, pictures from old Christmas cards, pieces of coloured foil, glitter or the boy’s own drawings; fix these to the crackers with glue.

Useful tip:
When the ribbon is tied around each end, place a spare piece of cardboard tube into the crepe paper by about 20 mm; this will help the cracker to keep its shape as the ribbon is tied. Remove the spare piece of tube after the ribbon is tied.

For full details see BB Juniors Pro Pack CR 34


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