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Identify what a good friend is, that we can have lots of friends and how each of us is special. (My friends Mirror)




To learn how to treat others with respect

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed

The Ladybird Guides sit in twos or stand in two rows facing one another. The Leader gives the girls in one row a minute to study the girl opposite them. Then they shut their eyes and the Leader asks them in turn questions about their ‘mirror’ girl. For example “Has your ‘mirror’ girl got blonde hair?” Don’t forget to put in some silly questions such as “Does she have false teeth?” Then get the girls in the second row to study their ‘mirrors’, close their eyes and ask them questions.

Next ask the girls in the first row to do an action such as putting
their hands on their hips and the girls in the second row have to
repeat the action as quickly as possible. Give the girls in the second row a chance to think of actions. When they have the idea you could try to get them to do it faster.

What’s that grumpy face in the mirror? Tell me now who can it be?
What’s that grumpy face in the mirror? Does it look a bit like me?
Close my eyes, count to three – one, two, three open them and what do I see?
(Make a grumpy face)
Other verses can be added by adding the appropriate faces.
(Happy, sad, angry, surprise)


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