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INTEREST BADGE Ladybird Disability Awareness Option 1

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Take part in activities that increase the awareness of our senses- visual, hearing in particular.


Counters of different colours
Masking Tape


Lay the masking tape on the floor in a maze shape and scatter the counters around the obstacles
Divide the grid into four teams and give each team a corner of the grid
Explain that when you say go they have ten minutes to collect as many counters as possible
Only one girl can be in the grid at a time and must be blindfolded
The rest of the team must give directions but they must stay outside the grid
If the girl in the grid touches the masking tape, her go is over and if she has a counter in her hand she must drop it
Each girl must return to the base after she picks up a counter and the next girl in the team has a turn
The team with the most counters wins


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