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Discuss the keep clean routine (wash bag)


 A wash bag with soap
 Facecloth
 Toothbrush
 Toothpaste
 Nail Brush
 Hair brush
 Comb


The Ladybird Guides sit in a circle and pass the bag around while they sing the Cleaning Song.

When I get up in the morning
I tell you what I’ll do
I wash my hands and wash my face
Splashy - splashy – sploo
I brush my teeth till they’re shining white
Scrubity, scrubity, scrub.
Then I put on my clothes and brush my hair
And run all the way down the stairs.

On the word “stairs” the girl holding the bag closes her eyes and puts her hand in the bag and takes out one of the items. Then ask the girls what they would do with that item to keep themselves clean.


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