IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Tree Lore Option 05

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Do a tree study-bark rubbing, leaf print, measurements- height/width, weather it has suffered damage, any wildlife that lives in it (Tree Study)


 Paper
 Crayons
 Salt dough
 Measuring tape
 String
 A tree to explore
 Strip of card 30cm long and 3-4 cm wide
 Two cups of plain flour
 One cup of salt
 One cup of water
 Two tablespoons of cooking oil
 Rolling pin
 mixing bowl
 oven


This activity will help your Brownies to understand the characteristics of trees

Divide the Pack into pairs. Each pair finds a tree that you want to explore.

Bark Rubbing:
Bark rubbing is a simple way to appreciate the patterns of tree bark. You can make a bark rubbing any time of year. They reveal the texture and all the pits and bumps of the bark. To produce a bark rubbing place a piece of paper on the trunk of the tree, use the long edge of a crayon (thick wax crayons work best) rub the paper.

Tree Height:
Cut a strip of card so that it is exactly 30cm long and approximately 3-4 cm wide. Exactly 3cm from the bottom draw a line or arrow across the whole width (see overleaf).
You are now ready to calculate tree heights.

In pairs, one Brownie stands by a tree, the other with the card move away from the tree. Holding the card at arm’s length in front of her eyes until the top of the card is seen to just cover the top of the tree and the bottom is in line with the ground.

Now direct the Brownie by the tree to place their hand on the trunk and move it up and down until it is in line with the 3cm mark on the card.
The other Brownie returns to the tree and measure the distance of the person’s hand on the trunk from the ground.
As the hand was 1/10 along the card (3cm line is a tenth of 30 cm), the tree height must be 10X the distance measured between the ground and the hand (see illustration overleaf)

Leaf Tile: See instructions overleaf
In Pow wow each pair share what they have observed about their tree


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