IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Tree Lore Option 03

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Go on a walk with your Pack and point out as many types of trees as possible


 Copy of coloured or black & white leaves sheet per Brownie
 Pencil
 Pick a suitable route
 Bag to collect leaves if completing activity during Autumn months
 Correct Adult to Brownie ratio (Check Safety Guidelines)


Before you take the Pack out on a tree walk, it is a good idea to walk the route yourself to ensure that you pick a route that will allow them to spot some trees. If the trees on the template aren’t on your route, feel free to substitute some trees that are.
This activity is suitable to use during Summer and Autumn months.
During the Autumn months it is also possible to collect fallen leaves to complete a leaf print.
(See Brownie Investigate Teamwork 06 (Compass & Nature Wide Game) on OGM for ideas on how to make a leaf print.

Divide the Pack into suitable size group.
Allocate an Adult to each group.
Give a copy of the leaves sheet and a pencil to each Brownie.
Review the Rules of the Road before leaving the meeting hall.
Complete the leaf hunt during the walk.
Return to the meeting hall and have Brownies compare their sheets.


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  • Interest Badge
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  • out and about Pack
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  • tree identifying
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