IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Camping Option 04

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Help pitch a tent and learn what the different parts of a tent are called (tent parts)


 Tents
 Mallets
 Pegs
 Information sheet on lightweight tents overleaf



This activity will encourage the Brownies interest in Camping.

A Leader or Senior Branch member should explain the different parts of a tent and how to put a peg into the ground (see information sheet) while the other Leaders demonstrate how to pitch and strike the tent. Brownies working in sixesthen pitch and strike a tent with the help of a Leader or Senior Branch member.

Discuss with the Brownies the importance of where a tent should be pitched and the care of the tent.
• Is the ground flat, firm and even? It should be for a good night’s sleep
• Is there a Prevailing Wind? Ensure that the doors of the tent will not face into the prevailing wind
• Are there Trees? Good as a windbreak, but don’t pitch under them. They drip after a downpour, in a storm attract lightening and branches may break off and land on your tent
• Is there Water? Don’t camp too near, standing water attracts insects
• Before you start pitching empty the tent bag and lay out the various parts of the tent to ensure that you are not missing any vital parts
• Do not walk over the flysheet or inner liner of a tent when pitching or striking it, as this may damage the fabric
• Do not cut corners – always pitch tents properly, and fold and pack them carefully for storage to avoid damage
• Objects should never touch the inside of a tent in the rain as water will seep through the fabric
• Remove shoes and boots before walking on the built-in- groundsheet


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