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Aim: To recognise The Boys’ Brigade Badge and know a little of where it came from. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Mind M-6


• Template
• Pens/pencils
• Bible (KJ VI)


Start by asking the young people if they can describe The Boys’ Brigade Badge. If possible, show them the Company colour or other large version of the badge. Point out some of the important features of the badge, for example:

– The words “Sure and Steadfast”. This is The Boys’ Brigade motto. It comes from Hebrews 6:19, which says, “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast” (KJV)
– talking about God’s promise in Jesus.
– The anchor. This is emblem of The Boys’ Brigade, for the same reason as above.
– The red cross. This is there to remind us of Jesus, who died to help us.

Finish by colouring in The Boys’ Brigade Badge.

This activity is suggested for 1st year Junior Section member. However, it can be used with older members. To make it more challenging, try using water based paint instead of colouring pencils.
A larger copy of the badge could be coloured in and cut up into its various parts as a jigsaw, or used as a team relay with young people running in turn to collect the various parts.

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack M-6


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