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Aim: To make the young people aware of the basic information of the Company that they belong to and the Church that it is part of. For use in the first year of membership. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Mind M-7


None - there is a work sheet attached that could be used/adapted


You could start by asking the young people some simple questions about their BB Company, such as:
– What is our Company name?
– Who is the Captain?
– What church is the Company part of?
– Who is the minister/vicar/chaplain?

Take the young people on a tour of the Church, explaining what everything is for and the part it plays in the worship and life of the church. Show them where the Sunday School/Junior Church/ Children’s Group sit. The aim is to get the members familiar with their Church and to encourage them to attend.

Young people could be shown Company Colours and/or trophies, rolls of honour, etc.

Young people should be made aware that as members of the Company they are part of a large organisation, and they will no doubt meet with members from local companies and the battalion.

This activity is suitable for any new members of the Junior Section.


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