IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 40

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Go on a scavenger hunt (Mixed Ideas)


 Copy of chosen Scavenger Hunt List
 pencil
 Small plastic bags
 Coloured card and glue stick to make pictures


Scavenger Hunts are great team building activities, as well as an active way to get to know a topic. They are suitable for any location – urban, rural, woodland, seashore

Divide Brownie Pack into teams (or use sixes):
If doing this at pack holiday then teams may be able to go off alone, but should be watched from a distance.
If in an urban location a leader will have to go with each team - to watch, not assist!
Choose your theme and distribute scavenger hunt sheets and allocate a time limit for the activity, so that teams have to return to a designated meeting point within that time.

Colour chart scavenge:
Get some colour charts from local DIY shops; choose a colour spectrum appropriate to the time of year: e. g. Autumn. – rusts
Divide Brownies into small groups/pairs and give each a colour chart. Each group then has to find as many nature items that match their colour chart.

Consider the checklists on the following pages and use one per Six


Ask each group to share their findings.
Depending on which scavenger hunt the Pack use they may be able to make a picture /garden/ princess dress from the items collected.


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