IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 21

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Take part in an activity to learn how to stalk a wild animal or bird (stalking game)


 Blindfold
 Water gun
 Noisy object, eg. Set of keys or a baby’s rattle


Blindfolded Stalking Game
Sit all the girls in a large circle. Pick one girl to stand in the middle of the circle, blindfolded, with the water gun. Place the noisy objects at her feet. The goal of the game is for the girls in the circle to try and sneak up and steal the objects without being heard. The blindfolded girl can fire the water gun if she hears someone. Girls who have been shot by the water gun must go back to their place in the circle and try to sneak up again.
Secret Mission
Tell your Brownies that you are going to take them on a "Secret Mission". (It helps to have an actual purpose for your mission, like recovering a kidnapped mascot, but this is not necessary.) While the girls are on the mission, they must NOT be caught by anyone! Emphasize that if, at any point during the mission, someone asks the group "what are you doing?" the game is over.The leader will shout all clear when the game is over.

Instruct the Brownies that they are to follow the secret mission code phrases at all times. The three phrases are as follows:

Code Green: Freeze in place and act like a tree (arms outspread)
Code Blue: Flatten yourself against the nearest surface (wall) and pretend you're part of the scenery.
Code Red: Dive to the ground and lay there on your stomach without moving until the 'all clear' has been given.
Once everyone understands what to do for the different phrases, lead your group on the Secret Mission around the area. Whenever you approach a building or other area where you are likely to be spotted by someone, call a code and have the Brownies freeze for at least ten seconds.


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