IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 04

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Follow a trail laid in wool, string or some other materials (trails)


String or sisal rope
Sticks/rocks, anything to make trail signs
Flour, barley, rice
pipe- cleaners, knitting needles
Scarf to blindfold
Pieces of colored cloth


1. in advance, lay a trail using tracking signs (see attached) or by tying wool to trees to make a pathway.
2. Before setting out, ensure your brownies are familiar with the trail signs being used
3. Be sure pick up any tracking signs ladies once you finish

For more ideas on this activity see:

To introduce Brownies to this type of activity, this can be done using flour, rice or barley to leaver a winding trail around your chosen area. Leave a hidden message to say they have the end and advise what to do next. Remember to clean up afterwards.

Caterpillar Trail:
To make a caterpillar, wind two colored pipe cleaners around a knitting needle keeping them close together, Make a collection of caterpillars and place them around the area. Ask the girls to follow the caterpillar trail and note where each one was spotted.

Color Matching Trail:
Piece of coloured cloth are given out, one to each girl and they are asked to match the colour with something natural,. Or you could hide different colour swatches against vegetation and the girls are asked to collect as many of the hidden colours as possible. Get the girls to discuss which ones were easy to find and which weren't and link the conversation to the way plants and animals camouflage themselves.

Blindfold Trail and Rope Walk:
Lay a trail in woodland using sisial rope, Pair the girls up and let them take turns leading the other person along the rope through woodland while blindfolded.


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