IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 01

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Be able to follow Leave No Trace principles when out on hikes/walks/day trips (What to take on Day trips)


 List of items required per six (see overleaf)
 Card for the following headings per Six. Wear, Carry, Leave behind


This activity to allow the Brownies to determine what they need to take for a hike

Before the meeting, take 1 bar of chocolate and two boiled sweets.

Go outside and on a grassy area place, approx 1.5 feet apart, 0.5 bars of chocolate (unwrapped), a sweet (wrapped) and a sweet (unwrapped).

Place the other half bar of chocolate (wrapped) in your pocket.

To Play:
• In your meeting place, separate the items on the list overleaf into equal piles- one pile for each six.
• Explain that you want the Brownies to determine which items are suitable equipment to take on a hike.
• Line the Brownies in their Sixes at the other end of the room.
• Each Brownie takes part in a simple relay race to collect one item at a time from the pile and return it to their starting area.
• Once all items have been collected each Six a Leader gives each Six the following heading Wear, Carry, Leave behind. Each Six need to decide which pile each items should be placed.

In Pow-wow discuss their reasons for putting each item in the various piles. e.g. walking shoes for stability and support, flip flips no support & grip and toes are unprotected, brick to be left behind due to size & weight.

When you get to the chocolate discuss how it tastes nice but there can be disadvantages - the first Brownie to advise it can melt get the prize of the half a bar of chocolate that's in your pocket.

At this point, you then go outside to look at the other items you placed on the ground - it's fairly likely that the chocolate and unwrapped sweet will have attracted ants (discuss how this can also happen in a tent). Discuss with Brownies the importance of the Leave no Trace principals.

Ask the Brownies to pack the 'carry' items into the Rucksack (assuming they chose that) to see if everything fits.


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