IGG INVESTIGATE: Compulsory Challenge 06 TEAMWORK

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Take part in a game or activity using eight compass points (Compass & Nature Wide Game)


 Pictures of birds
 Pictures of flowers
 String
 Paper and pencils
 Compass for each Six
 Suitable outdoor area


A wide game is an outdoor activity, usually between two or more teams which have to achieve specific objectives in order to win the game. This wide game helps the Brownies to understand the compass points as well as learning about birds and flowers. Trees/bugs could also be used in the game.

Before starting this activity a Leader distributes the pictures of the birds & flowers throughout the play area.
Before going outdoors give each Six a compass and show them how to find the 8 points. North, South East, West, North East, South East, South West, North West.
Once outdoor point out North to the Sixes and ensure they can identify the other seven compass points.
Explain each Six need to go find as many birds & flowers as they can in the area, noting the name of the birds & flowers and the compass direction in which it was found.
The list of birds & flowers can be located in the centre point of the field for reference for the Brownies and to help them identify them.


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