Rope Lashing Activity and Game

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Create sedan chair in patrols (need poles) and run race, arena style round central barrier,


Minature poles (3 or 4 per patrol) ropes


Review principal lashing knots with scouts.
Create a sedan chair using poles, ropes and suitable lashing knots.
Get each Patrol to demonstrate their creation and checking robustness. Each Patrol gets one member to sit on it whilst the others are supporting the structure. They then transporting the scout a short distance.
If it falls apart or is floppy get themm to rethink it whilst the others are being 'road tested'. May need a YL to help them!
For the game; create an arena to race round using a barrier down the middle of the room. A row of chairs is ideal. Two teams start oposite each other half way down the room and race round once or twice (in the same direction) to see who wins. All patrols do this and winners race against each other until there is an overal winner.


  • chair
  • chariot
  • knots and lashings

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