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Many of the young will have games consoles such as PlayStations, I Pads, Nintendo Wii, X Box and Game Cubes. These all have the capacity for multiplayer activities. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Mind M-17


Games consoles


Organise with a few parents or leaders, for a few consoles and a good range of multiplayer games to be brought in on an evening. The games should range from 2 to 4 players, dependant on the size of screen, number of controllers etc. If possible set the consoles up in a separate room and then throughout the night the boys can take it in turns to play.

Why not borrow or hire a few copies of the same game to be played on the different machines and run a competition to find a winner. Another idea is to have a ‘console triathlon’ where the members move round three different genres of game (i.e. shoot’em’up, racing game and football game) and get scored on their performance in each game.

Note: Games should be suitable for the ages of the members playing them.

For further details see the BB Junior Pro Pack M17


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