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Aim: A story game for the young people to play. Taken from the bb Anchors Pro Pack Body B-16




• Read out the story below. When the various keywords are read out the boys have to do something. Keywords: tractor, car, bus, train, boat, bicycle. Group keyword: journey. • Give each of the boys a keyword, so that when it is read out they have to perform the action. When the group keyword is read out everyone must do the action. • The boys can do different things depending on the equipment/time available. One idea is to get the boys to sit at one end of the hall and when their word is read out they have to run to the other end of the hall and back, and then sit back down. Alternatively have a circle of chairs where everyone is sitting and when the keywords are read out the boys have to get up and run around the circle and then return to their seat (or even just swapping places with some one else).

The Story:
Tomorrow we are going on a journey, a very long journey. We have had the maps out and have planned our route that will involve taking a car and a train. Everyone has to go to bed as we have a very early start in the morning. Dad has packed the car with all our suitcases and has locked it in the garage.

Next morning we set off bright and early, as we have to be in Ashford by 11 o’clock to catch the train that will take us to France. We see all the people at the bus stop waiting to go to work and school. There are people on bicycles too. I sit in the car thinking how lucky we are to be going on holiday. Dad is getting upset, as there are a lot of bicycles cluttering up the road and he is having trouble overtaking them. Mum has to tell him to calm down, as there is a long way to go.

We have cleared the town and can see the boats on the canal. The canals were built many years ago to help move cargo around the country. People still use canal boats to move goods around the country and you can hire boats for holidays. Oh! Look, there is a long queue of traffic! What is happening? Mum thinks that there is a slow tractor up ahead. In the queue there are 10 cars, 2 buses and 5 bicycles that are winding in and out of traffic. But the traffic jam does not stop the train, which is running level with the road and passes the queue with ease. Behind is an old tractor pulling a minibus along – the minibus looks very old too. This journey is going to take a long time if we keep getting stuck in traffic jams. The tractor has turned into a field and traffic has started to move faster. The motorway is not too far away and Dad thinks we will make better time when we get to it.

Once we got on the motorway we did make good time. The cars, busses, lorries and vans go really fast. Tractors and bicycles are not allowed on the motorway. We could still see the boats on the canal as we journey along. We have been travelling for a long time so Dad pulls the car in to the services. We all have a drink and Mum makes sure that we use the toilet so that we don’t have to stop again. Mum is going to drive until we get the train.

At 10.30 we arrive at Ashford. Our car, along with lorries and buses, drives onto the train that will take us on our journey under the English Channel to France. That is where we will really start our holiday – but that is another story.

For full details see the BB Anchors Pro Pack B-16


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