S1 Bible Maths

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Aim: To help young people get to know the layout of the Bible by using a quiz based on numbers. This activity could be used as an introduction to the layout of the Bible. You may need to explain about chapters and verses, and how to find the different books in the Bible. You will need to ensure that your members have sufficient reading ability for this activity, this activity could be done in pairs as a written activity or be done as a whole group verbally. This activity is suitable for years 2 and 3 only. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Spirit S-1


• Maths Quiz per member as set out below (if required)
• Pens
• Bibles


Bible Maths!
Find the missing numbers in the sentences below. The numbers are all between 1 and 20.

1. Laban changed Jacob’s wages ________ times. Genesis 31:41. (Answer: 10)
2. Hezekiah, when very ill, prayed and had ________ years added to his life. Isaiah 38:5. (Answer: 15)
3. Naomi had ________ sons. Ruth 1:2. (Answer: 2)
4. There were ________ thankless lepers healed. Luke 17:17. (Answer: 9)
5. There were ________ generations from Abraham to David. Matthew 1:17. (Answer: 14)
6. There were ________lepers at the gate of Samaria. 2 Kings 7:3. (Answer: 4)
7. Solomon took ________ years to build his own house. 1 Kings 7:1. (Answer: 13)
8. Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites for ________ pieces of silver. Genesis 37:28. (Answer: 20)
9. Other sheep will be brought, but the number of flocks and shepherds will be ________. John 10:16. (Answer: 1)
10. The tower of Siloam killed ________ people when it fell. Luke 13:4. (Answer: 18)

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack S-1


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