S2 Miracles and Parables

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Aim: To explain the difference between miracles and parables, and why Jesus used both. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-2


• Template
• Short videos or books


Explain the difference between a miracle and a parable – a miracle was an event that actually happened that we cannot explain, whereas a parable is a story Jesus told to help us understand something about God or how we should live. Explain that Jesus used miracles to show us how powerful God is and that he was God’s son.

You could play a simple game to highlight miracles and parables in the Bible. Photocopy the enclosed template onto card and cut out the different squares. Split the members into two (or more) teams. You’ll need one set of cards per team. The teams race to separate the cards into miracles and parables.

If possible, show a video or tell a story showing a miracle and a parable (you may want to split this over two weeks).

Suggested ideas for progression for 1st/2nd/3rd year young people:

First year: Use a video or story to show miracles or parables.

Second year: Use the game described above (or your own variation).

Third year: It may be useful to ask this age group to look up some of the parables or miracles in the Bible.

Hints and tips on accessibility:
If using the game or the Bible, make sure that reading skills are sufficiently well developed.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-2


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