S6 Gladiators

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Aim: To help young people understand the story of David and Goliath and its relevance to each of us. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Spirit S-6


• Pictures/posters of Gladiators
• Picture of David & Goliath
• Gladiator Chart
• 3 strips of paper written with ‘OBJECT’, ‘RESPOND’, ‘SAVIOUR’
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 17
Song/Hymn: My God is so Big Only a Boy called David


Gladiator Chart: Prepare a chart as below, and cover the words with blank strips of paper (except for the initial letter of each word). As you tell the story reveal each of the words as indicated in the outline. This could be done on an OHP and screen.


Tell the young people that you are thinking about a particular film. Give some clues and ask them to guess. When they have guessed the film ask the boys to tell you the words that describe Gladiators, eg big, strong, powerful, tall. Ask them if they can think of a story in the Bible where we meet a “Gladiator”.

Story Outline
The words which we used to describe the Gladiators could also be used to describe Goliath. In the Gladiators’ programme contenders compete against the Gladiators. In the story a young boy was the contender. Show picture of David and Goliath. We are going to tell the story of David and Goliath using the letters which make up the word Gladiators.

Reveal the words in the following order:
GOLIATH – was a giant who challenged the soldiers in the Israelite army to fight him.
ISRAELITES – were fighting against the Philistines. Goliath was a Philistine.
AFRAID – the soldiers in the army were afraid of Goliath.
LITTLE – a little boy came along to bring food for his brothers.
DAVID – was a young boy but was brave enough to take on Goliath.
RESPONDED – David responded to Goliath’s call.
TRUSTED – David trusted in God and knew that God was with him and would keep him safe.
ATTACKED – David attacked Goliath with his sling and stone.
OVERCAME – David overcame Goliath.
SUCCESSFUL – David was the winner.

The contenders who take on the Gladiators are usually very fit people – they do a lot of training to build up their muscles and strength. When the King told David that he was only a boy David replied that although he was only a boy he had looked after his father’s sheep and had killed a lion and a bear – in a way he had been in training to take on the giant.

What you do when you are young could be considered training for life

– how you look after your body, food/exercise
– how hard you work in school may affect your life in later years
– your attitudes and behaviour are all being formed now, while you are young.

Goliath challenged the soldiers in the Israelite army. Gladiators challenge contenders. During your time in the Junior Section leaders are challenging you. The last three words in the Gladiator chart could be changed to: OBJECT of the BB is to encourage boys to put trust in Jesus and RESPOND to Him and make Him their SAVIOUR. Add these 3 words to the appropriate letters.

For full details see BB Juniors Pro Pack S-6


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