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Aim: To show that judging by outward appearances can deceive. To explain the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-10


• A selection of pens as follows (or similar):
– posh ink pen (empty);
– smart ball point pen (empty);
– quill/large feather (without ink);
– felt tip/marker (dried up);
– old, cheap biro (broken/battered in appearance but working).
• Paper


Show the young people the pens and give a brief description of each, giving least attention to the broken biro. Ask a volunteer to select a pen and use it to write (his name?) on a piece of paper. Repeat until all the pens have been selected. It is normal for the boys to select the nicest pens first although it doesn’t really matter if this is not the case.

Explain how the nicest pens were no use. Ask why? What do these pens need to make them useful? You could, at this stage, fill the ink pen or put a new refill in the ball point. Ink makes the difference. When a pen contains ink it can be used to write.

How can we be useful to God? We need to be filled with His Holy Spirit. If we ask God, He will give us His Holy Spirit and, if we keep asking He will keep us filled (an ink pen can be refilled again and again).

God doesn’t look at the outside to “see” what we are like. He “knows” what we are like on the inside and He wants us to be filled with His Holy Spirit.

You may want to find a suitable reading or/and chorus to accompany the talk (there are plenty to choose from).

Follow-up activities:
Young People love pens – perhaps you could do a project – see how many different types of pens they have or can describe. There are lots of different types of people in the world too but, like pens, they have lots in common. You could use pens to give a talk on diversity,

For full details see BB Junior Pro Pack S-10


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