S12 Badges - Pinning our Hopes

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Aim: To use the theme to illustrate the meanings of The Boys’ Brigade Motto. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Spirit S-12


• Red Cross Badge
• Union flag
• BB Badge


A red cross is an internationally recognised symbol especially in areas of trouble or crisis. (Show Red Cross badge)

During the Red Cross organisation’s Red Cross Week, one of the slogans adopted by the organisation was “We’re pinning our hopes on You” – by buying a red cross badge people were supporting the work of the Red Cross. They were depending on the support of ordinary people to be able to continue their work.

When athletes represent their country in the Olympic Games, that country is pinning its hopes on its athletes to win medals on their behalf. (Show Union flag and point out that there is also a red cross on it)

When young people represent our Junior Section or BB Company in activities, events or competitions, the leaders are pinning their hopes on them to be good representatives. (Show BB Badge) The leaders are also pinning their hopes on the present members for the future of our BB Company.

The BB badge consists of an anchor with a red cross behind. The cross represents the sacrifice, which Jesus Christ made for each of us by dying on the cross – each of us should be pinning our hopes on Jesus Christ. Our BB motto talks about the hope which we can have if we put our trust in Jesus Christ – “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both Sure and Steadfast” Hebrews 6 v 19 (Authorised Version).

For full details please refer to BB Junior Pro Pack S-12


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