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Aim: To use the game of snakes and ladders to illustrate those things that help and hinder us in the Christian life. Taken from the BB Pro Pack Spirit S-19


• Toy snake in a box
• Snakes and Ladders board game (large version if possible)
• Cards with the words ‘Christian Life’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Jesus’


Produce toy snake from box, cautiously, wearing gloves.

I have brought my pet along for you to see. His name is “Curly”.

Handle snake gently and make it wriggle.

He doesn’t say very much.

Show the young people that it is not a real snake.

I assure you if it were real I wouldn’t be anywhere near it. I would hate to live in a country that had snakes. There is a mansion in Sydney that had been built by an Irishman who had been transported to Australia and had made his fortune. When he was building his house he dug a trench around it and filled the trench with tons of soil delivered from Ireland. Because there were no snakes in Ireland he thought the soil would keep snakes out. Of course, it didn’t work! No, snakes are not for me!

There are all sorts of types of snakes aren’t there? There are the ones that inject venom into their prey when they bite. There are those that spit venom into the eyes of their prey. And there are those that wind themselves tighter and tighter around their prey to crush them (constrictors)

There is a game I like to play. I wonder if you can guess what it is.
– Snakes and Ladders

Show large snakes and ladders

How do you play? The object is to be the first to get to the top of the board.

Put up on wall.

What happens when you land on the mouth of a snake?
What happens when you land on the bottom of a ladder?

Put word “Christian Life” at bottom of board.

The Christian Life is a bit like a game of snakes and ladders.

Put word “Heaven” at top of board.

The aim of the Christian life is to get to Heaven. But just like in the board game there are obstacles in the way which hold us back and slow us down.

Put up snakes with words “lies”, “wrong friends”, “greed”, “envy”, “temper”

Discuss each and how they slow us down and prevent us from living the sort of lives God wants us to live and which please him.

Put up ladders with the words “prayer”, “bible”, “right friends”, “Church”, “The Boys’ Brigade”

Discuss each and how they help us live the right sort of lives which please God.

Put the word “Jesus” at the start of the board.

We can’t possibly start out on the road to Heaven unless we have Jesus in our lives. In the Bible Jesus says “No-one can come to the Father but by me”

We have to ask Jesus to come into our lives and take control of everything we are, everything we have and everything we do.

We hope you will think about these things. About Jesus and that you will give your lives over to Him.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-19


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