S23 The Easter Story

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Aim: Coinciding with the Easter activity of the church this activity is to enable young people to understand the events leading to, during and after the Easter services. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-23


• Various versions of Bibles, tapes, slides, videos, books, posters
• Pens, paper


There are many bible readings leading up to the Easter Story but do try to get one that the boys will understand – perhaps a children’s version or The Youth Bible.

First of all find out what the boys know about Easter. Many of our boys do not come from Christian backgrounds and many of them today do not get much Christian teaching in schools so for them it might be just Easter Eggs and how lovely they are.

You might want to do Easter over more than one session if you look at any of the following:

• The triumphal entry into Jerusalem
• The disciples weakness in the Garden of Gethsemane
• Peter’s denial of Jesus
• The trial of Jesus
• The Last supper
• The crucifixion
• The resurrection
• Jesus appears to his mother
• Jesus appears to his disciples for the last time

There are so many resources to be had for this subject, illustrated books, posters, flannel graphs, slide/tapes, videos etc. Local Christian Bookshops seem to cater especially for young people or ask Sunday school teachers what they use or your local church school.

Radio Israel must have made fascinating listening as the story unfolded. Crucifixion at the time was not unusual but when it came to the empty tomb everyone must have been listening for the next instalment. Who was this man who had everyone wondering what was going to happen next?

A good way of re-emphasizing the main points would be to do a radio broadcast with the boys doing their version of the news way back in the time of Jesus.

What about drama? Can the boys put themselves in the position of Thomas. Try acting out the scene with Thomas – Doubting what was going on – it would be hard to believe, he wanted proof.

The boys could draw pictures depicting what happened on ‘Road to Emmaus’. Each boy could do a separate picture for each part of the story. Put it all together and make a book named ‘On the Road to Emmaus’.

Additional activity:
The young people could make a collage showing the Easter Story.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-23


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