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Aim: To help young people understand about other people’s ways of life. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-26


• Various foods
• Cooking equipment
• Map of areas to be talked about


You could start this evening with a selection of foods that young people like – e.g. Hot dogs, pizzas, baked beans, crisps etc.

Once it is all eaten, put up a list and talk about what poor people eat as their every day diet. To have gravy or sauces poured over their rice may well be unheard of. They will also nearly always have the same diet day after day.

If you can bring along some examples of ‘Third World’ food.

Beans – Grown in many parts of the world and prepared in different ways (not out of tins)
Ugali – A thick porridge of maize flour, made in various African countries, especially Uganda
Yams – Root vegetables grown in tropical countries
Pilau – Dish of onions, peas, raisins, rice, ginger and cinnamon from Bangladesh
Rice – Corn – Wheat are often stable foodstuffs.

These people have to grow and harvest the food themselves. There are no such things as supermarkets, no packets of cornflakes, soups, chocolate, biscuits etc. Food is often difficult to grow because of poor soil and little water. Sometimes there is too much water and the crops are flooded and rot away. If there is not enough food, then famine results and people die.

Sometimes they have to decide if they should eat what they have got or keep it to plant for next year – so this means they either go hungry this year or next. Many people suffer from malnutrition and when this happens they get many diseases and again deaths are very numerous in these poor countries.

Ask the young people if they have ever heard of any famines – the African countries around the Sahara are amongst the most frequent sufferers (from droughts) and Bangladesh (typhoon and floods).

Making your own Third World Food – the boys will enjoy doing it but will not necessarily like it.

Groundnut Stew – A West African Food

1-3 cups of unsalted raw peanuts, onions,
2 tomatoes,
2 cups of water, cooking oil.

Crush peanuts into fine powder (tie in plastic bag and hit with rolling pin). Dice onion. Fry onions and tomatoes in small amount of oil (full supervision required). Add peanuts and water with little salt. Simmer for 15-20 minutes –Serve on its own or with boiled cabbage. (This could be done first and whilst it is cooking you could have your talk.

Check that no-one has a peanut allergy.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S26


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