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Aim: To show the young people that there are many Bible heroes in the Old Testament. To learn another story about David. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-27


• Rolls of wallpaper or lining paper
• Paper, pens


The meal times at Jesse’s house were very noisy affairs! Jesse had eight sons and when they all sat down for their meals they would talk and sometimes shout, argue and laugh as well. They would try to tell their father what they had been doing during the day, all at the same time. Poor Jesse could not hear what they were talking about they were so noisy. They were all very different, some were handsome, some quick to pick a fight, some liked a joke, some were very big and strong, the younger ones not so big – yet.

However, there was one time when they did not all talk at once, in fact they were all very quiet. A very important man, named Samuel, was visiting the town of Bethlehem where Jesse lived and no-one knew why he was there. Of course Samuel knew and God knew as he had sent Samuel to Bethlehem.

God wanted Samuel to choose a king for Israel from one of Jesse’s sons. There was a problem. Israel already had a king, but he was not a good king and God told Samuel to choose another. Of course the king would be furious if he found out, so Samuel had to keep it a secret.

At first Samuel did not know which son God had chosen, but when he saw Jesse’s sons he knew it would be easy.

He looked at the first, he was tall and handsome. This must be the one God has chosen, thought Samuel, but God said to Samuel ‘No’! you are looking at what he looks like on the outside, but I know what he is like as a person, inside’

Samuel looked at the second son, he was big and strong. This must be the one thought Samuel, but God said to Samuel ‘No’ You are still looking at what he looks like on the outside, but I know what he is really like on the inside.

So Samuel looked at the third son and again God said ‘No’ Not this one. Then Samuel looked at the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh sons, but God did not want any of these to be the new king either.

So Samuel turned to Jesse and asked ‘Do you have any more sons?’ Jesse said ‘I have one more son called David, but he is the youngest of my sons and is taking care of the sheep while we enjoy the meal’. Samuel told Jesse that the meal would not start until all his sons were there and so someone dashed out into the fields to find David.

As David walked in Samuel saw that he was young and handsome, with a sparkle in his eyes and Samuel could see David loved God.

God said to Samuel ‘That’s the one! I have chosen him to be king when he grows older. And so Samuel told David that God had chosen him to be king and that God would with him always

At the end of tonight’s story I will be asking you a question. If you listen very carefully you will know the answer.

David was a Shepherd and although he was only young he spent all his time in the hills looking after his father’s sheep. He knew where to take them for fresh water and good grass. He knew exactly how many sheep he had and if any hurt themselves or got lost he would seek them out. However, the hills could be dangerous. Hungry, wild animals roamed around looking for their next meal and one of their favourite meals was sheep or lamb! So if a bear or a lion came after the sheep David would use stones to frighten them away. Now, throwing stones can be very dangerous and we should never do it, in case we hurt someone or perhaps break a window! But David became very good at using a sling shot to throw stones and could hit a target from a long way off.

Some of David’s brothers had left home to fight for the King of Israel. One day, David’s father asked him to take his bothers some food and find out how they were getting on. He was very excited and off he went, but when he arrived he didn’t find the brave army he ‘d expected to see. Instead everyone, including the King and his brothers, were afraid.

You see their enemies had a real giant called Goliath; he was huge, nearly 3 metres tall! Every day he came out roaring and shouting wanting someone from the King of Israel’s army to fight him. ‘If they beat me we will be your servants, but if I beat him you will be our servants’ he shouted. No one wanted to become his servant but none of them thought they could beat him, so they were all afraid.

All except David that is, he was furious. ‘Doesn’t he know that we follow God and that God will help us to beat this man’ he said. A servant of the King overheard David and took him to the King. ‘I can beat him’ David told the King ‘I can fight lions and bears, I can fight this giant and God will help me to win’.

David went out to face the giant and on the way he chose 3 small shiny stones from a nearby stream. As he got close to the giant, David put one of the stones into his sling, special things shepherds used to make the stone travel faster. The giant roared with laughter when he saw David – who was little more than a boy, but David shouted at the giant ‘You come with all your strength and mighty armour, but I come to fight you in the name of the Lord God. He is helping me!’ and with that he twirled the sling shot around his head and just at the right moment, the stone left the sling and went up and up and up, and it hit Goliath on the side of his head and he fell down in front of David.

David had trusted God to help him and he had won.

Now who can tell me how tall the giant was and what was his name?

A good exercise after this is to have a roll of wallpaper or lining paper and for the boys to work in pairs to draw a huge picture of how they think Goliath looked as he lay on the ground after being hit by the stone from David’s sling.

For full details see the BB Junior Pro Pack S-27


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