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GGNZ - Sound Circle - Theatre Sports

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Added by GGNZ National Programme Team. Improvising with gesture and sound




Everybody in a big circle. One player starts the game by making a gesture and a sound to his right neighbour. The neighbour immediately imitates gesture and sound, then turns to his right neighbour and makes a totally different gesture and sound.
Tell players not to preconceive, ask them to throw themselves into this exercise. Any repeats and they could be out

- Instead of passing the sound/gesture to your neighbour, players can pass it to any player in the circle.
- Try the game without imitating the sound/gesture received; just have players turn around and throw a new gesture/sound to their neighbours as fast as possible.
- Exaggeration Circle: All players in a circle (or a long line). One player starts a little gesture, with or without a little sound.. The next player takes it over and makes it bigger, and so on. The last player does the whole thing to the extreme.


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