S29 Jesus – The Birth

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Aim: To tell the story of the birth of Jesus. Based on the bible passages of Matthew Ch 1 & 2 v 1 –18 and Luke Ch 1 & 2 v 1 – 20. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack S-29


• Template
• Bibles
• Paper
• A map of Israel
• Colouring pens/pencils
• Glue


• Video/DVD player, CD player with appropriate videos/dvds/cds about the birth of Jesus

The story of the birth of Jesus will be well known to the young people but it is still important for the boys to realise where the story is recorded and this could be a chance to encourage them to read the bible.

It is suggested that either you, or even better, the young people read the story from a modern translation of the Bible such as a Children’s Bible, the Youth Bible, the Contemporary English Version or The Message.

In addition there are also a number of videos and CD’s that could be used which will bring and tell the story in a visual way.

If you have a world map then you could look at where the key places are located. This could also be done if you have a globe and it would however be much better if you had a map of Israel. The young people could calculate the distance Mary and Joseph would have had to travel.

Pictures or photographs of the key places could also be helpful and there are a number of websites where photographs can be downloaded showing them.

Whichever way you share the story it is important to affirm the key points and the following are some suggestions:

• The young people could draw or paint a picture(s).
• A collage could be produced of their pictures.
• The story could be written in the boys’ own words.
• A wordsearch (see template).
• The young people could take part in a drama or mime see “Extras” pages for suggested web links for drama topics.
• A quiz (see quiz with answers on next page).

Questions Answers
1. Where was Jesus born: Bethlehem or Nazareth? Bethlehem
2. Who said “I am the Lord’s servant; may it happen to me as you have said”: Elizabeth, Mary or Joseph? Mary
3. Who appeared to the mother of Jesus: God or The Angel Gabriel? The Angel Gabriel
4. Where did Mary and Joseph live before the birth of Jesus: Galilee or Nazareth? Nazareth
5. Who was the mother of Jesus: Mary or Elizabeth? Mary
6. Joseph was a descendant of whom: King David or King Herod? King David
7. What was the name of Elizabeth’s child: James, John or Peter? John
8. Who did the wise men go to see first: Jesus or Herod? Herod
9. Who decreed that a census should be taken: Herod or Augustus? Augustus
10. What were the gifts given to Jesus? Gold, frankincense and myrrh
11. What was special about Bethlehem: Was it the ancient home of Mary, Elizabeth or Joseph? Joseph
12. Who were the first visitors to see Jesus: the Wise Men or the Shepherds? Shepherds

For full details see the BB Juniors Pro Pack S29


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