S32 Jesus - The Friend

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Aim To look at Jesus as our friend. Taken from the BB Junior Pro Pack Spirit S-32


• Flip chart
• Drawing paper
• Felt tipped pens, pencils


The story of Jesus and the children is in the Bible:
• Matthew 19: 13-15
• Mark 10: 13-16
• Luke 18: 15-17
• Tell the story of the children being brought to Jesus.
• Why did the disciples try to stop this? Why did Jesus want the children brought to him? Why did Jesus say that everyone should be as a little child? Why were children special to Jesus?
• Discuss with the boys what makes a good friend. Use a children’s book or story which illustrates friendship as a starting point. Were the characters in the story good friends or not? Why?
• Make a collective list of good and bad qualities (you might want to write these up on a large piece of paper or flip chart). Discuss how children can be a good friend to others and how they can make new friends.
• Ask the boys to make a montage of friendly faces, a collage of friendly pictures or posters showing friendly actions.

The story of Jesus calling the disciples is in the Bible:
• Matthew 4: 18-22
• Mark 1: 16-20
• Luke 5: 1-11
• Tell the story of Jesus calling the fishermen to be his helpers and followers (disciples).
Discuss how the disciples felt at various points in the story.
• Why do you think Jesus chose these fishermen to be his disciples?
• Introduce the boys to the 12 disciples.
• How many friends do you have? What are their names and how do they compare with the
names of the disciples?
• Ask the boys to make a collage of their friends, or make a display using the names of the
disciples and the names of their friends.
The story of Zacchaeus is in the Bible:
• Luke 19
• Tell the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector.
• Why was Zacchaeus unpopular? Why didn’t Zacchaeus have any friends? Do you think
Zacchaeus was lonely? Why did Zacchaeus have to climb a tree? Why did Jesus choose
Zacchaeus to be his friend?
• What happened to Zacchaeus because of this event? What can we learn from this story?
• The boys can then illustrate or write about their favourite part of the story.
• Act out the story; see “Extras” pages for suggested web links for drama topics.


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