S34 Write a Prayer and read it in Church

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This activity encourages young people to become more involved in the life of the Church. The activity links well with Company Section Discoverer, Community Item F2. Young people become involved in thinking about others and praying for them. This is an additional item added to the BB Junior Pro Pack as S-34 by 1st Wallingford Company


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Time within a Sunday Service


Contact your Church Minister/Vicar and discuss how the young people can write and then read a prayer within a Sunday service. This is ideal for the prayers of intersession

Ask the young people to think about praying for other - Who might they think would need to be prayed for ?

Queen (Our Patron)
The Government and our political leaders and representatives
European and World Leaders (World Peace)
Those suffering form the effects of natural disasters
Those suffering from conflict and strife
Our Schools and Colleges
BB Leaders / Church leaders
The Church Family - Those that are unwell or suffering loss, those who are moving, made redundant

Once the young people have decided who should be prayed for, these should be dropped into prayers. Your Church may have a set format for this. A typical format is at the end of each prayed the words "Lord in your mercy" are added and the congregation answer "Hear our prayer". There are many other format.

Sunday Service
At the appropriate point in the service the young people read their own prayer line


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