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A range of games/activities to select from to learn about the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts


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> Concentration

Make up a set of matching cards with either:
- Questions and answers about WAGGGS centres (see attached file 'WAGGGS Questions')
- Symbols and naming labels of unity and Guiding (see attached file 'Links of Unity' and pictures are on 'WAGGGS Domino Cards')
- Name of country and matching photo or picture or Guiding fact

These could be attached to an old set of playing cards. Place them face down – players turn over 2 at a time and if they are a matched pair ( eg. question and answer) they keep the pair. If not, they replace them and it is the next persons turn. Winner is the person with the most pairs

> Dominoes

See attached file 'WAGGGS Domino Cards', print and cut up to play the matching game.
With more than one set you can have groups race against each other to complete

> Noughts and Crosses

After playing a game such as concentration or other means to gain knowledge about WAGGGS and World Centres this is a good game to play to use the knowledge.
Put 9 chairs in a 3 x 3 pattern. Divide your unit into two and give them a colour identifier eg scarf, big bow tie, hat… or have the 0's stand and the X's sit to identify what team they are on.
Ask one player from a team a question – if she and her team answer correctly, she goes to a chair of the team’s choice. Then ask the other team – and so on. If the team cannot answer or gets it wrong, the other team may try for a ‘bonus’ play. Team that creates a straight line of three wins

> Global Treasure Hunt

Go on a global treasure hunt to each of the WAGGGS regions. Arrange to visit your local library and see which patrol can discover these facts the fastest. Or get each patrol to research at home and bring along their findings.
* 5 holidays celebrated in 5 European countries
* Flags from 5 African nations
* 5 different types of clothing worn in the Western hemisphere
* 5 different foods found in the Middle East
* 5 different toys or games from the Asia-Pacific region

> Place the country

Give the girls a list of countries cut up and headings of the 5 regions, and see if they can place the countries in the correct region

> Kim’s Game

Use objects to represent the five regions. Girls have to remember the object and name which region it represents

> World Map Cake

Provide a cake (rectangle shape is best), different coloured icings - girls to create the world map of the five WAGGGS Regions on the cake
Lollies could be an option extra to add, they could choose a country to make a typical dwelling using the lollies from a given region - and explain to other patrols what their creation is

> Twenty Questions
Each patrol finds out as much as possible about a WAGGGS country, without telling the other patrols which it is. By asking questions, which can only be answered 'yes' or 'no', each patrol has to discover the other's country. No more than 20 questions can be asked.



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